Today more than 100 Million Americans have type 2 diabetes. Each year the number of diabetics increases. 

If you have diabetes it can be very confusing as to how to control or even understand the disease. But it is possible to cure yourself and live without diabetes. I learned how to heal my body and I want to show you how to live diabetic free too.

I AM Diabetic Free was created to encourage individuals who want to be diabetic free. 

Imagine living without having to take medication and eating the foods you love with little to no exercise. I know, that statement almost makes you want to laugh. You've heard it so many times. Let me tell you, it took me only a few weeks to believe it once I started my journey to being diabetic free. You can read about it in my new eBook: "How I lowered my A1C in 6 months from 14.9 to diabetic free". 

To encourage you with each step that you make during your diabetic free journey, I have created a docuseries. Subscribe now to learn how to heal yourself of type 2 diabetes by filling out the contact page. 

If you have questions as you start and continue your journey of being diabetic free, please post on the community blog for answers and encouragement. May God Bless your journey.